Ayuwage Review – What’s The Deal With This MLM?

Moved from the Legit list to the Watch list due to payout hold-ups. Ayuwage is not paying on time for the last number of months. Their support system appears to be unresponsive.

As a safety measure, we are moving Ayuwage to the Watch list and it will stay there until they return on track with payments or it might be relocated to the Not Advised list if things become worse than they are right now.

AyuWage Review– Description:

AyuWage is a website that will pay you for what you do everyday, surfing the internet. This Paid to Click program has actually been around and paying given that 2010.

At AyuWage, you can get paid to browse sites, response studies, to search or to complete deals. Once you have actually reached 10,000 credits (equals to $5.00), you will be qualified for a cash out request.

Things we simulate about AyuWage.com:


Long-Standing Site– AyuWage has actually passed the test of time– it has been online and paying more than 5 years, which is great achievement for any paid-to-click website. The majority of ptc websites do not last for a duration as long as that.

Here you can discover payment evidences from other users:

Payment evidences on Ayuwage forum

Ayuwage Payment evidences on Talkptc online forum

Ayuwage Payment proofs on eMoneyspace online forum

Fixed Minimum Withdrawal– $5.00 is the minimum total up to squander and does not increase after each payment request. Good thing is that there is no stepped squander system. Each time you reach $5.00 in your account balance, you can ask for a payout.

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Unlimited Referral Program– There is no limit to the variety of people you can refer to the site, which is excellent opportunity for members who are able to construct a big team.

Free Worldwide service– It is complimentary to join and there are no restrictions, people from all over the world are allowed to join the site and make from it.

Downsides– Things to Pay Attention to:

Payout Hold-ups– The most significant disadvantage of Ayuwage are the payment hold-ups. For the last few months, Ayuwage is not paying on time, as per their terms they need to pay within 7 organization days, nevertheless it takes around a month to get a payment.

In the recent announcement published on their forum, they declare the factor for the delays is scarcity of personnel, and they stated the concern would be resolved quickly. Nevertheless even after hiring extra staff, the payout delays are still present. It appears that the lack of staff is not the reason for the payout delays, but most likely financial problems and instability.

Poor Support System– The support group appears to be unresponsive, so if you have any issue with your account and you contact them to solve your problem, it is unlikely that you will get any response.

One thing is for sure, responsive support group is essential for any site as it is the only method (despite the online forum) to get in touch with the site’s administration. When members have an important concern or concern, they anticipate the customer assistance department to solve their problems, but that’s not the case on Ayuwage. Again they state it is due to scarcity of staff and they claim the concern will be fixed soon.

Account Suspensions & Warnings– Lately we have actually gotten couple of problems concerning account suspensions due to excessive warnings accumulated. At Ayuwage, unlike other PTC sites, there is warning system in place, if you review 3 cautions your account will be permanently suspended when they audit your account after placing a payment demand.

Those who got suspended claim that they didn’t do anything wrong and followed the provided directions, yet they got warnings which led to account suspension. It is difficult to say if these members were wrongfully prohibited, with this warning system in place it is tough to state that the website is suspending members on purpose.

It is possible that those members didn’t follow the guidelines or clicked the anti cheat advertisement. It is possible that the caution system might be buggy and often it might provide false favorable cautions. We never ever had any issues with the caution system, I believe that if you follow the directions and appreciate their TOS, you will be on the safe side.

Click Scams– They have actually section called Routine ads. When you visit a website from this section, you will also need to “click contents that intrigue you”. From the directions:

” You Should Click On An Ad that Interests You. Failure to do so will result in a caution which will build up towards to an irreversible suspension!”.
They are asking members to click ads on other sites which can be considered as click scams.

Click fraud is an unlawful practice that happens when individuals click on site click through ads to increase the payable number of click throughs to the advertiser. Click scams is kind of web crime and need to not be supported by PTC site.

Inactive Rented Recommendations– It appears that this site is renting referrals that have not been active for months or years. Choose thoroughly before leasing on this site, although I would not advise to rent.

Geo-Targeted Ads– This website works best for US members. There are lots of ads readily available for US members, typically worth around $0.25 each day. For all others, the number of advertisements will differ from day to day, even from hour to hour so you might wish to check numerous times per day to see if there are extra advertisements to click.

Important Details About the SiteChanges and Updates

Account Cautions– There is a warning system in place, you may get a caution since you did not follow the guidelines for viewing the site such as waiting 10 seconds before closing the website window or searching the website contents (click ads displayed on the site) after 10 seconds.

You will also receive a warning if you click the anti cheat link. If you receive a caution, I would advise to wait for the warnings to expire prior to you proceed with viewing other ads.

Anti-Cheat Ad– Often, among other ads there may be anti-cheat link. It states: “WARN
ayuwage bot detection anti-cheat ad

Viewing advertisements– Ayuwage is not like your everyday PTC site.

The number of advertisements is not ensured. Sometimes there might be more advertisements offered for you, in some cases less. Advertisements are constantly included throughout the day, so you may wish to inspect multiple times during the day to see if there are any new ads available.

Pays per Recommendation Click– 10% from advertisements worth.

You can complete tasks and earn credits instantly in your primary balance. You’ll be triggered to enter a captcha every 10-30 minutes to get your credit.
Toolbar– They have Toolbar with instantaneous ads alert. Members who use the toolbar are more likely to see more ads.

Cashout Options and Issues– All payments are made through Paypal and Payza. The minimum to cashout is $5.00 (10000 credits) for Paypal and $5.00 (11500 credits, 15% charge included) for Payza and does not increase after each payout demand. As per the TOS payments are processed within 5-7 company days of demand.

Ayuwage lags on payments for the last couple of months. It has taken place in the past and they managed to get back on track with payments, but right now the payment hold-ups continue to persist for prolonged amount of time. Ayuwage will remain on the Watch list for the time being. We’ll continue to monitor this website. Presently we would not advise new members to sign up with Ayuwage since the website is experiencing monetary problems. We’ll see exactly what takes place in the list below duration.

For more info on PTC click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paid_to_click

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